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Anvifen - nootropic agent, facilitates GABA-mediated transmission of nerve impulses in the central nervous system (direct effect on GABAergic receptors). The tranquilizing effect is combined with the activating effect. It also has antiplatelet, antioxidant and some anticonvulsant action.

Improves the functional state of the brain due to the normalization of its metabolism and influence on the cerebral blood flow (increases volumetric and linear speed, reduces vascular resistance, improves microcirculation, has antiaggregant effect). It prolongs the latent period and shortens the duration and severity of nystagmus.

Does not affect cholino- and adrenergic receptors. Reduces vasovegetative symptoms (including headache, sensation of heaviness in the head, sleep disturbance, irritability, emotional lability). At the course reception increases physical and mental efficiency (attention, memory, speed and accuracy of sensory-motor reactions).

Reduces the manifestations of asthenia (improves well-being, increases interest and initiative - motivation of activity) without sedation or arousal.

Helps reduce feelings of anxiety, tension and anxiety, normalizes sleep.

In elderly people, anvifen does not cause CNS depression, muscle-relaxing aftereffect is most often absent.

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ANVIFEN 250mg 20 tablets

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