Phenibut or Afobazol - which is better? Comparison of drugs

Phenibut or Afobazole - which is better? Comparison of drugs

Because of the abundance of stress in modern life, each of us at least once faced with a choice of anti-anxiety or sedatives. Often, doctors prescribe drugs such as Afobazole or Phenibut. In this article, we will review and analyze which of the drugs copes better with the problems of the nervous system.

What is the difference between Phenibut and Afobazole?

Afobazole is a mild tranquilizer, which also has an activating and neuroprotective effect.

The drug contains the substance Fabomotizol, which restores the receptors of nerve cells, helping the nervous system to work even under conditions of prolonged nervous tension.

Afobazol eliminates anxiety disorders of various origins, irritability, fear, panic attacks, helps cope with prolonged stress.

The drug has a good tolerance and does not cause drowsiness, dependence and addiction, has a prolonged effect, which manifests itself even after the drug is discontinued. It should be noted that the drug does not interact with ethanol, it can be used in complex treatment with other sedative and anti-anxiety drugs (however, when combining various drugs, you should still consult a doctor). In 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) gave Afobazol a non-proprietary international name, in 2014 included in the classification of anxiolytic drugs.

Phenibut in its composition has aminophenylbutyric acid and refers to nootropic and anti-anxiety drugs. That is, the preparation not only has a calming effect, but also improves the functional state of the brain due to the normalization of tissue metabolism and the effect on cerebral circulation. The drug is used to treat asthenic, anxious and neurotic conditions, neuroses, insomnia, Meniere's disease, narcotic or alcohol withdrawal, alcoholic delirium, as well as stuttering, tics and urinary incontinence in children.

It should be borne in mind that Phenibut can cause unpleasant sensations when the drug is abruptly withdrawn, so stop using it gradually.

Also, Phenibut should be used with caution in those patients who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, because this drug has an irritant effect on the mucous membranes.

Therefore, if there are any unpleasant sensations in the stomach or other side effects, you should cancel the drug or consult your doctor immediately, since the drug is prescription.

Patient's reviews about Phenibut

There are a lot of different opinions about Phenibut: some patients say that after taking this medication they become better, and they note a good anti-anxiety effect, but there are those to whom the drug is not categorically approached and caused strong side effects.

There are also neutral reviews about the drug, when it did not help, but also did not cause unpleasant sensations.

Patient's reviews about Afobazole

About Afobazole are mainly positive reviews. Patients say that it effectively eliminates anxiety, panic attacks, irritability, helps restore the nervous system in conditions of constant stress. Still patients note that the drug is favorably tolerated, does not cause drowsiness, apathy, muscle weakness, unpleasant side effects and a state of low concentration.

What should we know about phenylpiracetam?

Phenylpyracetam is widely known as one of the strongest nootropic substances, so most people taking nootropic drugs prefer phenotropil to other substances of similar effect. Phenotropil is an ideal tool for increasing mental concentration and improving mental performance, because we all want to increase our cognitive abilities and memory. Phenilpyricetam helps athletes during periods of intense physical exertion, increasing the overall endurance of the body.

What is phenylpyraketam?

Phenylpyricetam, better known as carphedon, being a derivative of piracetam, exerts an effect on the body 30-60 times more. The first mention in Russia of the effect of the substance on the body was recorded back in 1980. To the molecule of pyracetam was added one additional, thereby strengthening the active substance at times. The speed of nootropism is determined by the ability to overcome the blood-brain barrier faster than other nootropics, so its effect is felt soon after administration.

The main advantages of Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpyracetam has a sufficient number of positive effects from the use. These include:

Qualitative memory improvement.

Increase the ability to accept a large amount of new information.

The speed of thinking increases significantly.

A person is better trained in new material.

Increased concentration of attention.

The energy becomes larger.

Why should I take phenylpyrazetam?

If a person suffers from memory problems, phenylpyracetam will help to forget about this problem for a long time. The main feature of phenylpyracetam in comparison with other nootropic drugs is its ability to significantly increase cognitive ability. The second of its exceptional features is the ability to save a person from all sorts of fears, anxieties and in increasing the resilience of seasickness. Thanks to phenylpracetam, a person needs less time to sleep, in order to fully recover. These qualities of nootropy are ideal for students and business people. It is best to take it before exams or important business meetings to increase the speed of the mind, sharpen your focus and improve your mood. You can take phenylpiracetam not only for students, but also for athletes. It speeds up the recovery of the body, increases stamina and reduces the burden on the nervous system. Also able to enhance the nerve impulse, transferred to the working muscle group.

Dosages of Phenylpiracetam

It is recommended to start with a standard dosage of phenylpiracetam, which is 100 mg once a day. It is recommended to take the substance no more often than once in four days, it is enough to drink it before important events that require attention, examinations or training. Phenylpyracetam quickly manifests itself, and the effect of it lasts not more than a few hours. Use is worth cycles, with too long use in humans develops tolerance, and the body no longer reacts to the nootropic method. The maximum single dose is 300 mg, not more than twice a day. It is accepted sublugvalno. Together with nootropics, it is necessary to take Choline Bitarart.

Choosing the strongest nootropic

There are several types of strong nootropics that need to be adopted depending on the desired effect. For example, to get a good concentration of attention and give energy to the body, you can use carphedon, and to combat chronic fatigue, you can use sulbutiamine. If we compare piracetam and phenylpyracetam, then the second one is up to 60 times more powerful than the first one. Studies show that phenylpiracetam can have an active effect on the brain and body up to five hours.

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