Kartalin - the official instruction for use


Form of issue



Lysozyme, beggar-ticks, chamomile, vitamin A, lavender and eucalyptus oils, honey bees, salicylic acid, saltol.


Produced in cans of 125 g and tubes of 100 ml.

pharmachologic effect

Kartalin is a non-hormonal agent based on solidol and natural components, intended for the treatment of chronic dermatoses - psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis, allergic dermatoses, incl. atopic dermatitis.

Kartalin has keratolytic, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and regenerative effects.

The use of external drugs of the corticosteroid group is often a very effective method of therapy of dermatoses, because with their help it is possible to quickly eliminate the phenomena of inflammation and itching, but their application is associated with a number of side effects: systemic and local hormonal effects manifested by skin atrophy, hypertrichosis, telangiectasia , steroid acne. In this regard, special attention is drawn to preparations that contain substances of non-corticosteroid origin and natural medicinal components.

Kartalin does not contain synthetic and hormonal components. Does not cause skin atrophy, has no other negative effects, characteristic for hormonal ointments, can be used to treat children of any age, does not cause addiction and complications.

Kartalin passed a clinical trial in the Clinic for Skin and Sexually Transmitted Diseases of the Siberian State Medical University, received a positive evaluation of both researchers and patients. Kartalin has a high therapeutic effect, is easy to use, does not cause side effects, can be used in complex treatment. Kartalin showed good safety and tolerability; in experimental conditions shows a low acute and chronic toxicity, the absence of local irritating effect.

Kartalin, indications for use

  • psoriasis;
  • neurodermatitis;
  • allergic dermatoses, incl. atopic dermatitis;
  • eczema.


individual intolerance (including hypersensitivity in the anamnesis) of the components of Kartalin.

Dosing and Administration

Ointment Kartalin is applied to sore spots evenly (without rubbing) 1 or 2 times a day. The remedy should be placed in sick places for at least 12 hours a day. The effect is usually observed after 1-2 weeks. The course of treatment is from 2 to 4 months and consists of two stages: restorative and fixing.

The first stage: the complete disappearance of plaques (before the formation of dark or white dyschromic spots). The first 10 days Kartalin is applied to the affected areas a thin layer once a day; then a thin layer 2 times a day, until the skin is completely cleansed of plaques. With extensive damage to the skin, the treatment should be started gradually, first from the patches on the legs, after 3 days, apply the product on the areas on the hands, after 3 days, apply to all other areas.

The second stage: after the formation of dyschromic spots, to consolidate the effect, one should continue to use Kartalin for 1 month once a day.

Do not use bandages during the application of Kartalin.

Side effects

Allergic reactions are possible.

special instructions

Before applying Kartalin, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Storage conditions

Store at room temperature, out of the reach of children.

Shelf life

3 years.

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