• ACTOVEGIN 40mg/ml 2ml 25 ampoules

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Active ingredient: deproteinized hemoderivat from the blood of calves

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A nootropic medication known as Actovegin is used to improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain and other body tissues. Each pack contains 25 ampules, and a recommended daily dose of one tablet with water is taken for its brain-boosting properties.

In conditions like stroke, brain trauma, and peripheral blood vessel disease, this medication should be used. However, people who have a severe liver or kidney condition or an allergy to its active ingredient should not use it.

Actovegin, like all medications, can have side effects like nausea, stomach pain, headache, and dizziness. Skin rashes and severe allergic reactions have also been reported in rare instances. If any of these serious side effects occur, you should stop taking it right away and see a doctor right away.

Numerous online pharmacies and platforms offer acctovegin for purchase online. When purchasing medication online, it is essential to confirm the source's credibility and reliability. In addition, it is essential to seek medical advice before beginning any new medication to guarantee its safety and effectiveness.

Actovegin belongs to the group of antihypoxants, i.e. drugs that help the body's cells to store oxygen and reduce the need for it. The pharmaceutical raw material for the production of aktovegin is the serum extract of the blood of calves. Due to the activation of cellular metabolism of oxygen and glucose and optimization of their consumption, the drug significantly increases the energy potential of cells and their resistance to oxygen starvation.

When using actovegin, the synthesis of ATP - the main energy "fuel" of the body - increases 18 times. Thus, there is an intensification of all energy-intensive processes in the cells (regeneration). At the same time, Actovegin increases the concentration of the body’s “building materials” - amino acids aspartate, glutamate, gamma-aminobutyric acid, which contributes, for example, to the rapid healing of wounds and other skin damage.

The method of application of actovegin is determined by its form of release. Tablets are taken three times a day before meals with a small amount of water in 1-2 pieces. The duration of treatment is 1-1.5 months.

Actovegin solution is injected into a vein, muscle or artery. The initial dose is 10-20 ml per day, then the dose is reduced to 5-10 ml. The duration of treatment depends on the specific disease, for example, in disorders of cerebral circulation and metabolism, it is not less than a month, in ischemic stroke - 3 weeks, in poorly healing ulcers and burns mainly focus on the speed of the healing process.

When applying actovegin as an injection solution, a number of important circumstances should be known. So, with the intramuscular method of using the drug, no more than 5 ml of solution is allowed. To prevent allergies, it is recommended to do a test injection (2 ml of the solution intramuscularly).

In the production of injection actovegin no preservatives are used, so the injection should be carried out with strict observance of all conditions of asepsis.

And most importantly: the opened drug is not stored, and if not all the solution was used from the open ampoule, then the remnants of the drug should be disposed of.

Many people want to buy Actovegin for its excellent properties. It provides antihypoxic effect, stimulates tissue metabolism and regeneration, and improves trophism. It is used to treat impairments of brain blood circulation, such as syndrome of cerebral insufficiency, ischemic strokes, traumatic brain injury, and their complications; ulcers and burns of different genesis; hypoxia and ischemia of different tissues.

Actovegin enhances physical performance and stamina. It works by improving glucose transportation and utilization, thus increasing oxygen consumption; by increasing the concentration of DNA, hemoglobin and hydroxyproline.

Recommendations for use in sport: 

  • Acceleration of the processes of recovery after stress, aimed at the development of endurance.
  • Prevention and treatment of chronic degenerative embodiment physical overexertion cardiovascular system (especially during exercise in conditions of middle).
  • Maintaining high efficiency in a high mountain climbing.
  • Achillodynia and muscle tears.
  • Traumatic brain injury.
  • The syndrome of cerebral insufficiency boxers.
  • Frostbite representatives of winter sports.
  • The increase in body weight.
  • Prevention and treatment of sports pse\udonefropatias.

Actovegin side effects

Allergic reactions (skin rash, skin flushing, hyperthermia) up to anaphylactic shock.


  • hypersensitivity to Actovegin or similar drugs;
  • decompensated heart failure;
  • pulmonary edema;
  • oliguria, anuria;
  • fluid retention in the body.

With care: hyperchloremia, hypernatremia, diabetes mellitus (1 bottle contains 7.75 g of dextrose).

Actovegin for sale: No prescription is required, but a valid prescription or doctor's recommendation is assumed. Please don't heal yourself. Get expert advice before buying Actovegin online.

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ACTOVEGIN 40mg/ml 2ml 25 ampoules

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