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      Active ingredient: Ethyl ether N-phenilacethyl-L-prolylglycine

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Please be advised: real pharmaceutical produced Noopept is sold in tablets, not in capsules or in powder.

Noopept has nootropic and neuroprotective properties. It improves learning ability and memory, acting on all phases of processing: initial information processing, consolidation, extraction. Noopept prevents the development of amnesia caused by electric shock, blockade of central cholinergic structures, glutamatergic receptor systems, deprivation of the paradoxical sleep phase.

The neuroprotective (protective) action of Noopept manifests itself in increasing the resistance of brain tissue to damaging effects (trauma, hypoxia, electroconvulsive, toxic) and reducing the degree of damage to brain neurons. The drug reduces the focus on the thrombotic stroke model and prevents neuronal death in the tissue culture of the cerebral cortex and cerebellum exposed to neurotoxic concentrations of glutamate, free-radical oxygen.

Noopept has an antioxidant effect, blocks potential-dependent calcium channels of neurons, weakens the neurotoxic effect of excess calcium, improves the rheological properties of blood, and has antiaggregant, fibrinolytic, anticoagulant properties.

The nootropic effect of Noopept is associated with the formation of cycloprolylglycine, which is similar in structure to an endogenous cyclic dipeptide with antiamnesic activity, as well as the presence of a cholinopositive effect.

It increases the amplitude of the transcallosal response, facilitating associative connections between the cerebral hemispheres at the level of cortical structures.

Noopept helps restore memory and other cognitive functions impaired as a result of damaging effects - brain injury, local and global ischemia, prenatal damage (alcohol, hypoxia).

The therapeutic effect of Noopept in patients with organic disorders of the central nervous system occurs from 5-7 days of treatment. Initially, the anxiolytic and light stimulating effects that are present in the activity spectrum of the drug are realized, manifested in the reduction or disappearance of anxiety, increased irritability, affective lability, and sleep disorders. After 14-20 days of therapy, a positive effect of the drug on cognitive functions, parameters of attention and memory is revealed.

Noopept has a vegetative-normalizing effect, helps to reduce headaches, orthostatic disorders, tachycardia. When discontinuation of the drug is not observed withdrawal.

Noopept does not have a damaging effect on internal organs; does not lead to changes in the cellular composition of blood and biochemical parameters of blood and urine; does not possess immunotoxic, teratogenic action, does not show mutagenic properties.

Many people want to buy Noopept for its excellent properties. Noopept is a unique nootropic drug of peptide structure, which affects 3 stages of memory: initial processing, preservation and extraction (reproduction). In addition, Noopept  has neuroprotective properties, protecting the brain from harmful influences and restoring its functions after injuries. Noopept confirmed the presence of a vegetative-normalizing effect, that is, the ability to reduce headaches, dizziness, palpitations and meteo-dependence in vegetative-vascular disorders.

6 reasons why to use Noopept is a good decision:

1.   Vegetative stabilizing, anxiolytic and antiasthenic action;

2.   Complex effects on the rheological properties of blood;

3.   Proven efficacy and safety in cognitive disorders of various origins (vascular and traumatic), including in comparison with piracetam;

4.   The development of a full-fledged nootropic action as early as 2-3 weeks of therapy;

5.   The lack of psychoactive effects;

6.   Favorable safety profile and a wide therapeutic window.

Noopept side effects

Possible: allergic reactions.

In patients with arterial hypertension, mostly severe, an increase in blood pressure may be observed while taking the drug.


severe liver dysfunction;

severe renal impairment;


lactation period;

age up to 18 years;

lactase deficiency, lactose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption;

hypersensitivity to Noopept.

Noopept for sale: Even if a prescription is not required, it is assumed that you have a valid prescription or doctor's recommendation. Please do not self-cure. Get expert advice before ordering. 

The product is intended for Russian market and can be labeled in Russian (Packaging design may vary). With detailed English printed manual. 

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