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Androgel  (testosterone gel) helps to normalize the concentration of testosterone in the male blood. Its use allows you to restore the processes that depend on this hormone: sexual desire, potency, erection, to normalize the ratio of muscle and adipose tissue.



Many people with low testosterone level prefer to buy Androgel because it is sold in the form of a testosterone gel. The gel is easily applied to the body with certain precautions and absorbed through the skin. There is no need to use injections.


The use of Androgel helps to maintain the main male sex hormone at a normal level. If necessary, the drug can be canceled, unlike injecting drugs, which is its undoubted advantage. Therefore, such replacement therapy is not only very effective, as evidenced by numerous reviews, but also safe, because it can be controlled. In addition, the possibility of percutaneous application of the drug eliminates the need for painful injections. Another reason to buy Androgel online is a much lower price when buying from our website. Please read carefully the Full description before you order  testosterone gel online.

Androgel is an androgenic drug in the form of a testosterone gel. Endogenous androgens (mainly testosterone) secreted by the testes, and their main metabolite dihydrotestosterone are responsible for the development of the external and internal genital organs and for the development and maintenance of secondary sexual characteristics (stimulating hair growth, coarsening of the voice), libido. They have a general effect on the anabolism of proteins, on the development of skeletal muscles and the distribution of subcutaneous fat, reduce the excretion of nitrogen, sodium, potassium, chlorides, phosphates and water with urine. Testosterone does not cause the development of the testicles: it reduces the pituitary secretion of gonadotropins.


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ANDROGEL 50mg 30 Sachets

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