PAYMENT...  Well, payment is the most complicated step in the process of purchase. And it's not just for our site. All sites related to the medications are classified as high-risk e-commerce businesses for banks and online payment gateways because of high possible volume of refunds. But we and our colleagues do our best to provide for our customers the easiest and cheapest possible ways to pay for their orders. 

We can suggest several ways for your payment:

Unfortunately, under the current circumstances, some payment methods (PayPal, Western Union) do not work for us. 

1. Online payment with your bank card (basic payment method)

Once you complete your order you will receive email with payment instructions and our account details. It will take you only 5 minutes to complete the payment. It has advantages comparing to Western Union: you do not have to have an account; and from PayPal: there is almost no commission. 

2. Money transfer via Western Union or MoneyGram (fastest way)

If you have decided to pay via Moneygram or Western Union please know that there is about 10% fee for a transaction.

How to pay via Western Union / Moneygram:

You just need to enter the receiver's Last and First Name and the country Russia. 
After completing the payment you will receive a reference number which you will send us.
You can make a money transfer online by visiting their sites, as well as through their Points of Sales (cheaper way comparing to online payment).

3. And, as an self-respecting online pharmacy, we, of course, offer payment by bitcoins

For those of our customers who live in the US and UK, we can offer an excellent way to pay in bitcoins through CASHAPP. 

VISIT THIS PAGE  to see how easy and affordable bitcoin transfers can be. 

Just make an order and we will suggest you a payment method that you will like. It may vary depending on your location.