CERAXON 1000mg/4ml 5 ampoules for injections.

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CERAXON (aka Citicoline, Cognizin, NeurAxon, Somazina, Synapsine) - is a nootropic supplement or cognitive enhancer for treating cerebrovascular disorders, head injury and Parkinson's disease.

Citicoline, being the predecessor of the key ultrastructure components of the cell membrane (mainly phospholipids), has a wide range of action: it helps to repair damaged cell membranes, inhibits the effect of phospholipases, prevents excessive formation of free radicals, and also prevents cell death by affecting the mechanisms of apoptosis.

In an acute period of stroke, citicoline reduces the amount of damage to the brain tissue, improves cholinergic transmission.

In case of craniocerebral trauma it reduces the duration of post-traumatic coma and the severity of neurologic symptoms, besides this, citicoline helps to reduce the duration of the recovery period.

In chronic brain hypoxia, citicoline is effective in the treatment of cognitive disorders such as memory impairment, lack of initiative, difficulties arising from daily activities and self-care. Increases the level of attention and consciousness, and also reduces the manifestation of amnesia.

Ceraxon is effective in the treatment of sensory and motor neurologic disorders of degenerative and vascular etiology.

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CERAXON 1000mg/4ml 5 ampoules

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