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Short description of Picamilon

Picamilon (N-nicotinoyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid sodium salt) is a nootropic drug. In recent years, the field of application of nootropics in medicine has expanded significantly: these drugs are in demand in psychiatry, neurology, narcology, geriatrics, and pediatrics. Nootropics are successfully used in cases of impaired cognitive functions (memory, attention, concentration, mental activity), for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from cerebrovascular accidents, chronic alcoholism, etc. One of the most prescribed nootropics is Picamilon. This drug was synthesized in 1969 at the All-Union Scientific Research Vitamin Institute, and it has been used in medicine since 1986. Picamilon is a derivative of nicotinic and gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) acids. Nicotinic acid is an active participant in the processes of cellular respiration, has a vasodilating, antihypoxic, antiplatelet effect, facilitates the penetration of the drug through the blood-brain barrier (GABA itself is devoid of this ability), enhances the neurometabolic and neuroprotective effects of GABA. Picamilon has a positive effect on metabolic processes and blood flow in the cerebral cortex, stimulates blood circulation in the coronary arteries. In terms of the power and duration of cerebrovascular action, the drug significantly exceeds the substances from which it is synthesized - nicotinic acid and GABA. In the conditions of the hectic pace of life, dictated by the harsh reality of recent decades, Picamilon will be useful to the widest circle of people: sick and healthy, young and old.

One of the most important qualities of Picamilon is its ability to quickly return to the previous level of reduced physical and mental performance. The use of Picamilon in case of fatigue is also widespread in absolutely healthy people, who, due to increased stressful load, need adequate pharmacological support. Picamilon makes it possible to reduce dosages or completely abandon the prescribed drugs. It combines well with other drugs in algorithms for the complex treatment of various diseases. Picamilon provides high compliance, possesses a positive safety profile, practically does not show clinically significant side effects, which makes it possible to prescribe it to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as to use it in pediatric practice. The drug reduces the increased vascular tone of the carotid and vertebral arteries, increases the intensity of cerebral blood flow, incl. in ischemic areas, has a protective effect on neurons of the cerebral cortex, protecting them from the aggressive effects of free radicals and oxygen starvation, improves the lipid profile. Has a mild tranquilizing effect. It is not addictive and does not show muscle relaxant effect. Well tolerated by patients with a course admission.

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Picamilon is a nootropic agent that dilates the blood vessels of the brain. This nootropic also has a tranquilizing, psychostimulating, antiplatelet and antioxidant effect. Picamilon improves the functional state of the brain by normalizing tissue metabolism and affecting cerebral circulation (increases the volumetric and linear velocity of cerebral blood flow, reduces the resistance of cerebral vessels, suppresses platelet aggregation, improves microcirculation).

With the course of taking Picamilon, physical and mental performance increases, headache decreases, memory improves, sleep is normalized; this nootropic helps to reduce or eliminate feelings of anxiety, tension, fear; it improves the condition of patients with motor and speech disorders.


Absorption of Picamilon is fast and complete, regardless of the route of administration. Penetrates the BBB, is retained for a long time in the tissues of the body. The bioavailability of this nootropic is 50-88%. The drug is excreted mainly by the kidneys unchanged. T1 / 2 - 0.51 h.

Dosage of Picamilon

Picamilon is taken orally, regardless of food intake.

For cerebrovascular diseases, a single dose of Picamilon is 20-50 mg 2-3 times / day, the daily dose is 60-150 mg. The course of treatment is 1-2 months. A second course - in 5-6 months.

Depressive states of late age: 40-200 mg / day for 2-3 doses, the optimal dose range is 60-120 mg / day for 1.5-3 months. As an antiasthenic and anxiolytic agent - 40-80 mg / day, if necessary - up to 200-300 mg / day, for 1-1.5 months.

For alcoholism during the period of withdrawal, Picamilon is prescribed at a dose of 100-150 mg / day, in a short course of 6-7 days; with more persistent disorders outside of abstinence - 40-60 mg / day for 4-5 weeks.

To restore working capacity and with increased loads - 60-80 mg / day for 1-1.5 months, for athletes in the same dose, for 2 weeks. training period.

Parenterally administered intravenously drip or jet (slowly), intramuscularly.

For chronic disorders of cerebral circulation - IV or IM, 100-200 mg, 1-2 times / day, daily dose - 20-40 mg. Depending on the patient's condition, it is used in the morning intravenously, in the evening - intramuscularly; or within 10 days i / v, then i / m. The course of treatment is 15-30 days.

For relief of acute uncomplicated intoxication with ethanol as part of complex therapy, it is administered at a saturating dose of 5 mg / kg and a maintenance dose of 1.56 mg / kg / h in a volume of 2.5 l of infusion solution, for 4 hours, in the morning and in the evening.

In asthenic conditions, depending on the severity of the disease, in addition to oral administration, intramuscularly is administered in a daily dose of 20-40 mg for 1 month.

Interaction of Picamilon with other medicines

  • Picamilon reduces the duration of action of barbiturates.
  • Picamilon enhances the action of narcotic analgesics.

Side effects

From the side of the central nervous system: irritability, agitation, anxiety, dizziness, headache.

Allergic reactions: skin rash, itching.

Others: nausea.

Indications of Picamilon

  • Cerebrovascular insufficiency, asthenia, depressive disorders in old age.
  • Conditions accompanied by anxiety, fear, increased irritability, emotional lability. Asthenic conditions due to various neuropsychiatric diseases.
  • As part of complex treatment - for relief of acute alcohol intoxication; in chronic alcoholism - to reduce asthenic, asthenoneurotic, postpsychotic, pre-relapse conditions, as well as alcoholic encephalopathy.
  • As part of complex therapy - migraine (prevention), TBI, neuroinfection.
  • Improving the tolerance of physical and mental stress (for persons who are in stressful and extreme conditions of activity; to restore the physical performance of athletes, to increase resistance to physical and mental stress).
  • Open-angle glaucoma (to stabilize visual function).
  • In urological practice (in children over 3 years old and in adults with urination disorders) to improve the adaptive function of the bladder (reduce detrusor hypoxia).

Contraindications you should know before you buy picamilon

Chronic renal failure, pregnancy, lactation, hypersensitivity to nicotinoyl gamma-aminobutyric acid.

Picamilon Formulation


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