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The Frolov Lung Training Device, a cutting-edge respiratory training tool, is designed to provide a comprehensive and effective solution for those who are encountering respiratory difficulties. This device has a wide range of indications, including the improvement of lung capacity and endurance, the prevention and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and the enhancement of breathing patterns in those who suffer from sleep apnea, to name but a few.

One of the key benefits of the Frolov Lung Training Device is that a convenient and effective method for enhancing respiratory health is provided. The apparatus operates through the use of a mouthpiece that is modeled after natural respiration, enabling proper breathing techniques to be practiced and lung capacity to be improved. Furthermore, adjustable resistance levels have been incorporated into the design of the apparatus, allowing users to gradually progress as their lung capacity improves.

While the Frolov Lung Training Apparatus is highly effective, it is important to note that there may be some side effects that arise during use. Mild discomfort or soreness in the jaw, tongue, or lips may be experienced by some users as a result of utilizing the mouthpiece. However, these side effects are generally mild and temporary and can be diminished through proper use of the apparatus and regular breaks during training sessions.

It must be stressed that the Frolov Lung Training Device may not be appropriate for all individuals and contra-indications must be considered. For instance, the use of the apparatus should not be made by those with obstructed airways or artificial airways. Prior to utilizing the apparatus, it is recommended that individuals consult with their healthcare provider to determine its safety and appropriateness for their needs.

In conclusion: the Frolov Lung Training Device is designed to provide a highly effective and convenient solution for enhancing respiratory health. Online purchasing of the apparatus is easily facilitated, and it is intended to offer a comprehensive solution for those with diverse respiratory indications. However, prior to use, the potential side effects and contra-indications must be taken into consideration to ensure its safety and suitability for individual needs .

In summary: the Frolov Lung Training Device is a highly effective and convenient method for individuals who aim to improve their respiratory well-being. The apparatus can be effortlessly purchased online and is designed to offer a comprehensive and efficacious solution for individuals with diverse respiratory indications. Nonetheless, it is crucial to contemplate the potential side effects and contra-indications prior to usage, in order to ensure its safety and suitability for your needs.

 Results of clinical examinations and long-run practical application of the Device indicate that it is a highly efficacious remedy against the diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

The most important function of the body, breathing is responsible for the maintenance of optimum oxidation processes in the cells and for intracellular (endogenous) respiration.

Lungs ventilation and gas exchange between the body cells and the atmosphere occur during the process of breathing; the cells use oxygen, which is involved in the process of cellular metabolism. Carbon dioxide formed during the oxidation is partially used by the cells and partially removed through the lungs.

Specialized organs (nose, lungs, diaphragm, heart) and cells (erythrocytes — red blood corpuscles containing hemoglobin, special protein for oxygen transferring, nerve cells that react to the content of carbon dioxide in blood-chemoreceptor of blood vessels, and brain nerve cells that form a respiratory center) are involved in the breathing process.

Formally the process of breathing can be divided into three major stages: external respiration, gas transportation (oxygen and carbon dioxide) by blood (between lungs and cells) and tissue respiration (oxidation of various substances in the cells).

External respiration means gas exchange between the body and the surrounding atmosphere.

Transportation of gases by blood: the main carrier of oxygen is hemoglobin, a protein that is carried inside erythrocytes. With the aid of hemoglobin up to 20% of carbon dioxide is transported from tissues to lungs.

“Tissues breathing” or «internal respiration». This process includes two stages:

gas exchange between the blood and tissues, oxygen consumption by cells,

carbon dioxide emission (intracellular, endogenous respiration).

In order to maintain good health, to keep fit and to sustain body health reserves it is necessary to keep lungs ventilation and gas exchange in good condition. This can be achieved by means of breathing exercises that change the common breathing patterns.

Medical practice knows several approaches to breathing exercises — hypoxic exercises, Buteyko method or hypercapnic exercises, eastern restorative breathing techniques based on the reduction of the rate of breathing, breathing techniques for reducing per-minute breathing volume, breathing exercises with breath resistance, breathing exercises using additional breathing space. The unique feature of Frolov’s Respiration Training Device is that it combines the best of all these techniques. The exercises with the Device are very easy. The device is filled with the needed amount of water and the patient starts breathing using the diaphragm.

The exercises with the Device are very easy. The device is filled with the needed amount of water and the patient starts breathing using the diaphragm.

The patient can start with the nose breathing and later switch to the mouth breathing. When breathing in through the mouth, the water in the device creates resistance. The exhale through the mouth should be slow and relaxed — it is the so-called expiration against resistance. In the course of regular exercising, the time of exhalation can be gradually increased up to 40-50 seconds.

The Device can also be used for essential oils and herbal inhalation.

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